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Big-Hearted Care for the Smallest Pets: Rabbit and Pocket Pet Care

No matter their size, every pet deserves the opportunity to live their best life.  Rabbits and pocket pets are no different. Each one needs regular veterinary care just like cats and dogs, in order to maintain their quality of life. Our veterinarians are trained to recognize the subtleties of rabbit care and pocket pet care and to treat them with gentleness and compassion. Bring your smallest furry friend into Broadway Animal Hospital for a comprehensive wellness assessment.

Mouse in a pocket: pocket pet care in Chicago
Young girl pressing her nose to a rabbit: pocket pet care in Chicago

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Your pocket pet or rabbit needs individualized care suited to their needs, and we’re here to give them just that. Small mammals are particularly gifted at hiding any illness or injury. Typically, as creatures of prey in the wild, they would not want to appear more vulnerable than they already are! We perform a full assessment of your pet’s health in order to catch any sign of malady. A physical exam gets us heading in the right direction, and we’ll perform other medical services as needed. For more in-depth pocket pet care, we can perform diagnostics, as well.

Additionally, we go over the following with you:

  • Nutrition and feeding needs
  • At-home habitat conditions
  • Cleaning and grooming
  • Handling and socialization
  • Optional spay and neuter for rabbit care
  • Vaccines, if needed

Common Medical Concerns

Rabbit care and pocket pet care are more than one-dimensional. They not only need the basics of food, water, and shelter, but a bit of extra care as well. At your appointment, we’ll address the most common medical concerns for your pet and how you can prevent them:

  • Vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin C is a big one, but can be solved with a simple diet change of more foods high in C.
  • Dental issues. Some rodent species, particularly rabbits, have continuously growing teeth. A diet rich in fiber helps wear the teeth down.
  • Tumors. Rats especially can develop tumors in their breast tissue. Yet, while most are benign, they cause great discomfort for your little friend.

Taking the First Step: Schedule Your Introductory Appointment

An initial exam for your new pet is the first step for getting them on a path to long-term wellness. After an introductory appointment, we can better assess their needs later on, to continue giving them exceptional rabbit or pocket pet care. To schedule your first exam, please call us today!

Lori A.

My experience with Broadway Animal Hospital has been great in dealing with my 18 year old kitty who has failing kidneys. Super friendly and very helpful. Dr Perry and hospital manager, Michael, have gone above & beyond and have been great about calling me with updates and more. I appreciate them and I am glad they're in the neighborhood.

Jenni L.

I trust the care of my beloved 11-year-old pug to Dr. Perry. He is very knowledgeable and gentle. He is not only a doctor, but also a friend who listens. The front staff are always polite and considerate. I love this place! So glad I found it since I am new to Chicago

Galen G.

I've been taking my cat to Broadway Animal Hospital the past few years until recently when she passed away suddenly from a rapidly declining lung condition. 

When Dr. Kas was informed of my cat's passing he called me personally to say he was sorry and really comforted me in my time of mourning... I really appreciate that quality of service. I have had nothing but great experiences when I took my kitty in for checkups. When I'm ready to adopt another furry life companion, I'll gladly take them there

George E.

Fantastic doctors and staff! Dr. Kaz and his entire staff were just wonderful with our little girl chihuahua mix. Would highly recommend to all!

Kit S.

Dr. Kas and his staff are wonderful.  I've been going to BAH for almost 35 years and would never consider going elsewhere.  When I visit, I know my companions have had the very best care (and the most up to date care) available.  Thank goodness they are here for us!

Marchetta G.

I rushed my sick cat here for the first time in tears with no appointment made. They took her in immediately and Michael (the manager) stayed with me and her for an entire day while she was sustained on oxygen. Dr. Perry and Michael both did all they could to save my kitty. She was 17 years old and unfortunately passed away when I took her home and off of the oxygen. This office and staff handled her cremation arrangements with such sensitivity and grace and dr. Perry called me immediately after hearing the news of her her passing. I will never take my fur babies anywhere else but here. Your pets are in loving, professional and gentle hands here.

Van D.

I have been taking our pets here for over 20 yrs now and BAH has always been the best.
Dr. Kaz and his great staff are always professional and exceedingly kind.

We LOVE Broadway Animal Hospital!

Jeff B.

What an exceptionally friendly and well-run office! Everyone on staff was extremely helpful and outwardly happy to help. They treated my cat like she was their own and talked me through everything they were doing. If she needs anything else going forward, this is who I'll be taking her to.

Hector N.

I’ve visited 6 animal hospitals as I have moved several times around Chicago. This is hands down the best experience I’ve ever had with a vet in terms of care, pricing and friendliness. Now that my dog is 8 years old, I feel happy to say that we’ve found a team of vets that we trust.

Carol-Ann B.

The staff was wonderful! The vet was excellent! We were in and out very quickly but all my questions were answered ! Highly recommend!

Becky B.

I could not love Dr. Kaz and his team more! They are professional and kind and they truly care about each and every one of their patients.

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