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Mobile Vet Care for Your Convenience

We know that sometimes a trip to the vet is too much for some of our pets, and some of our clients too! To help you and your pet meet your healthcare needs, we offer mobile vet care by appointment. The highest standards of veterinary care should never be out of reach. We also offer drop off exams and workups for the convenience of our current clients. Call us today at (773) 262-5445.

Veterinary House Calls Basics

At a veterinary house call, we can perform all the basics of a wellness visit in the comfort of your own home. We bring basic equipment along with our expert veterinarians to properly assess your pet at home. At a house call we:

  • Perform a nose-to-tail physical
  • Give vaccinations if needed
  • Check for heartworms and other parasites
  • Administer parasite preventatives
  • Draw blood for lab testing

In the case that your pet is in need of more comprehensive care, they may need to be brought in to our practice. Your pet may require more detailed care such as imaging, surgeries, or overnight monitoring. For your convenience, we do offer drop-off services and workups for our current clients. The comfort and safety of your pets are always our top priority so rest assured they will be in good hands throughout their time with us.

When A House Call is in Order and What to Expect

Mobile vet care can help our doctors evaluate your pet in a more comfortable environment. Sometimes, the stress of a veterinary visit is just too much, which makes exams difficult, and can distort diagnostic testing results. At home, your pet is generally calmer and more apt to being examined. Additionally, we recognize it can be difficult for some of our clients to make the journey to our clinic. So, we bring veterinary medical care to you!

To prep for a house call visit, call us today to make an appointment. Be sure to have a place set aside in your home where the veterinarian can work without interruption (or distraction for your pet!). If there’s any special service request for your pet, be sure to let us know so we can bring all the necessary equipment.

Call us at (773) 262-5445 to set up your mobile vet appointment!

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